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Valve has shared a new FAQ on the official Steam Deck page that answers many of the burning questions that the company has been receiving from prospective owners of the handheld PC. The FAQ confirms that the Steam Deck will not have any sort of external GPU support, leaving all of the work up to the AMD APU with Zen 2 CPU (4C/8T) and RDNA 2 GPU. Valve also confirmed that the Steam Deck can be used as a PC controller, which might be kind of weird due to the length of the device. It does feature a comprehensive set of controls that include square trackpads, additional grip buttons on the rear, and a six-axis gyro, however.

The FAQ in full:

Can you have multiple Steam accounts on one Steam Deck?
Yes, and each account on a Steam Deck will keep its own local save data and settings.

Can I run non-Steam games through Proton on Steam Deck?
Yes, you can run non-Steam games through Proton.

Will Steam on Steam Deck have an ‘Add a Game’ feature like Steam on desktop?
Yes, we’ll support adding games like we do for the desktop Steam client.

Will the UI on Steam Deck replace Big Picture?
That is what we’re aiming for, though the rollout will happen in stages.

Will improvements to Proton for Steam Deck (like anti-cheat support) also apply to Proton on desktop?
Yes, these improvements will make it to all systems using Proton.

How will SteamOS and Steam Deck handle offline mode when it comes to launching games?
Just like a PC, you’ll need to be online to download games and play online multiplayer games. Once a game is installed on disk, you can play while Steam Deck is offline unless the game requires an internet connection.

What file system format does the microSD card use on Steam Deck?
Steam Deck microSD cards use ext4 with casefolding – Steam Deck formats SD cards to the proper format.

Can Steam Deck be used as a PC controller?
Yes, you can connect your Steam Deck to a PC via Remote Play and use it as a controller.

Will Steam Deck work with PC VR headsets?
While technically a PC VR headset can be connected, the Steam Deck is not optimized for PC VR experiences.

Does docking the Deck improve performance?
No, docking is more akin to plugging a USB-C hub into a PC. Steam Deck runs at full performance in portable mode.

What kinds of screens do the 64 GB and 256 GB models have?
All models have a glass screen (optically bonded IPS LCD). The 512 GB model’s screen has an additional anti-glare etched treatment applied to it.

What kinds of haptics does the Steam Deck have?
The Steam Deck has dual LRA motors, one under each trackpad.

Does the audio jack support audio + mic?
Yes, CTIA standard layout.

Is the touchscreen multitouch?
Yes, ten fingers.

How long is the charging cable?
1.5 meters, or 4.9 feet.

Will Steam Deck be sold in retail stores?
Steam Deck is only available directly via Steam. We may be partnering with retailers as we make Steam Deck available in more regions – more information about that soon.

What can you tell us about the BIOS and does it allow dual-boot?
Multi-boot is supported – you can have multiple OSes installed and choose which one to boot into. Users will have access to the BIOS menu.

Can you boot an OS off the SD card?
Yes, Steam Deck supports boot from microSD.

Will Steam Deck support external GPUs?
No, external GPUs are not supported on Steam Deck.

Can I change which model of Steam Deck after I’ve already reserved?
No, once you’ve reserved a Steam Deck, the only way to change your model is to cancel and reserve again (this would put you at the end of the queue for your region).

Valve continues to take reservations for the Steam Deck, but new pre-orders for the highly anticipated portable will not ship until after Q2 2022. This applies to all models of the Steam Deck, including the cheapest option wtih 64 GB of eMMC for $399.

Source: Steam Deck

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