NZXT Announces Matte-White Kraken Series RGB Coolers

Image: NZXT

NZXT has announced matte-white versions of its Kraken series AIO RGB coolers. These are expected to be available in October. Prices for the Kraken X-3 series are $$169.99 (X53 RGB 240 mm), $189.99 (X63 RGB 280 mm), and $229.99 (X73 RGB 360 mm). The premium Z-3 series is priced at $269.99 (Z53 RGB 240 mm), $279.99 (Z63 RGB 280 mm), and $309.99 (Z73 RGB 360 mm). All feature NZXT’s CAM monitoring software, allowing users to customize lighting and check system information. The LCD display on the copper block can also be customized. The aluminum radiators are connected via rubber tubing in nylon mesh.

White Cooling is Here

Say hello to our new family of all-white cooling products. The Kraken X and Z and Aer RBG 2 fans are now available in a bright, matte white—making them the perfect go-to for an all-white build.

A New Splash of Color

Let’s face it. An all-white PC build is a pretty darn cool and desirable look but it isn’t actually an easy thing to achieve. For decades, black components have been the standard with rare exception. And even with the increasing popularity of white components, finding the one that complements your build can still be fairly tricky. Even after sourcing products from different brands and websites, you can still end up with some gaps.

The Kraken series has always been about stunning visuals. So when we received repeated (and loud) feedback that expanding the colorway was something our community wanted, we got to work on making it happen. We also added white Aer RGB 2 fans to the lineup to complete the look and make the all-white aesthetic that much more achievable.

Source: NZXT (via OC3D)

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