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The EGX video game show has kicked off in London as an in-person event and will run until October 10. There are a number of attractions including gaming booths, LAN parties, cosplay, and an expo hall where people can play the latest games. There are also presentations and conferences with developers and employers in the gaming industry. Areas have been set aside for console gaming and, of course, esports. To celebrate the event, Steam is providing discounts and demos of the games seen on the showroom floor. The team from Crytek even showed up to promote the upcoming Crysis Remastered Trilogy.

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Hey Gamers,

Tickets for EGX 2021 are now on sale!

EGX is about bringing people together to celebrate gaming under the same roof, and this year is no exception. Our priority is safety – and to ensure this, please note that limited tickets will be available this year, alongside all the safety features announced last week.

As expected, this year’s show may look a little different. Alongside seeing friends, everyone loves to get hands-on with the latest games. Due tothe ongoing impact of the global pandemic, there may be fewer unreleased games than we’re used to – but we’re working with our partners to secure some of the latest releases for you to enjoy.

The team are working to develop our other regular features like Tabletop, Retro and Cosplay to give you more opportunities to experience new contentat the show.

We’re really excited and can’t wait to share an update with you in the coming weeks.

I hope you’re looking forward to being back to EGX as muchas we are!

Source: EGX

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