Image: GALAX

Expreview has shared details and images of GALAX’s first foray into DDR5 gaming memory. Belonging to the appropriately titled GAMER series, GALAX’s next-generation memory clearly targets LEGO fans, leveraging a heat spreader with a blocky motif and an RGB strip based on the plastic construction toys’ iconic interlocking mechanism. Red and blue versions of the memory will be available.

Image: GALAX

From Expreview’s machine-translated report:

[…] GALAXY […] displayed its first DDR5 memory, which comes from the GAMER series, named GAMER RGB DDR5, and will be launched at 4800MHz. The 16GB x2 package will be launched first, and various specifications such as 8GB x2 and 32GB x2 will be launched in the future. Products to further meet the needs of consumers.

In the early days of DDR5 memory, the specifications and performance of DDR5 memory from different manufacturers were mostly small. GALAXY hopes that with its distinctive design, consumers can distinguish it from other products. GALAX chose the GAMER series as the first series of DDR5 memory. It was fancy that its slogan “No GAMER, no games”, and strive to be more interesting in design.

GALAX points out that different-colored LEGO pieces can also be attached on the RGB strip at the top of each module to create various lighting combinations. Pricing is unknown, but it should carry a higher premium based on the DDR5 options that have already hit the market.

Source: Expreview

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  1. It amazes me that there are enough potential customers for this bullshit, but not enough potential customers for simple non-bloated, no disco-light versions of hardware to be made.

    It deeply annoys me.

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