AOC Unveils Expanded Line of AGON Pro Gaming Monitors

Image: AOC

AOC has unveiled an expanded lineup of AGON Pro gaming monitors. Panel types include IPS, Mini LED, and Nano IPS. Sizes range from 24.5 up to 31.5 inches with resolutions and refresh rates from 1080p/260 Hz to 4K/144 Hz. There are multiple HDR 400 models, two HDR 600 models, and the AG274QXM, a 1440p display that supports HDR 1000. All support some form of VRR, including various versions of NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync. Most models are now available, but there are two, the AG274QG (1440p) and AG274UXP (4K), each with HDR 600, that will not be available until Q1 2022. Pricing ranges from 449 euros up to 1049 euros.

Display size24.5″27″27″31.5″27″27″
HDRHDR 400HDR 600HDR 1000HDR 400HDR 600HDR 400
Max refresh rate360Hz240Hz170Hz (OC)144Hz144Hz260Hz (OC)
Response time1ms GtG1ms GtG1ms GtG1ms GtG1ms GtG1ms GtG
VRR SyncG-SyncG-Sync UltimateFreeSync Premium Pro + G-Sync CompatibleFreeSync Premium + G-Sync CompatibleFreeSync Premium + G-Sync CompatibleFreeSync Premium + G-Sync Compatible
Price (Euro)8199999991049899449
Release dateSeptember 2021Q1 2022October 2021October 2021January 2022October 2021
Table: KitGuru/AOC

AOC’s new Agon Pro monitors are the star of the show this weekend. The new flagship gaming monitors sport a MiniLED display, which brings big benefits for HDR thanks to its higher contrast, brightness and wider colour gamut compared to a traditional LCD panel. MiniLED is also less prone to burn in compared to OLED, making it a suitable alternative for PCs.

Source: KitGuru

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