Image: Intel

Intel has shown off its DLSS/FSR rival, XeSS, being used in Hitman 3 and The Riftbreaker in a video hosted by Intel VP Roger Chandler. He covers many topics, including ray tracing, XeSS, and the advantages of Alder Lake processors and the Intel platform for gaming.

Gaming has never been a more significant part of life, meaning innovation is needed to feed the insatiable demand we all have for exciting content. In this Tech Insight, Intel VP Roger Chandler discusses how Inte technologies, platforms, tools, and partnerships are helping developers bring the latest gaming experiences to hundreds of millions of gamers.

Image: Intel

Leading into the reasons for using XeSS, he explains how brute force GPU power is no longer the de facto approach for high-resolution, high-frame-rate gaming. Below are some comparison screenshots from the 1080p video, making it difficult to note the differences. Intel says it will release 4K images soon.

Intel VP of Architecture, Graphics, and Software Lisa Pearce also showed off XeSS being used in The Riftbreaker in another video. Developed by Exor Studios, it is the first game to feature both FSR and XeSS. The screenshots also came from a 1080p stream.

Source: Intel (via VIdeoCardz)

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