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BioWare’s relatively new compilation of Mass Effect remasters is headed to Xbox Game Pass. This is according to official store assets discovered by Polish gaming site XGP, which include cover thumbnails of Mass Effect Legendary Edition with a Game Pass badge. All of the original Mass Effect games, including Mass Effect Andromeda, are already available to Xbox Game Pass members as part of the Ultimate and PC tier’s EA Play benefit.

Image: XGP

From XGP:

[…] on the cover of the mentioned game you can see a badge with the words “Game Pass”; of course, this is how the productions that are part of Microsoft’s subscription are marked. While the remastered Mass Effect trilogy is not yet in the Xbox Game Pass library, the label in the Xbox store clearly suggests that the game will be available for subscription soon.

[…] The fact that the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect will go to the Xbox Game Pass is certain, because the game was released by Electronic Arts, and the titles of this publisher always end up in EA Play sooner or later. At this point, it is worth recalling that EA Play is included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means that their users will also be able to see the adventures of Commander Shepard in a refreshed setting.

EA released Mass Effect Legendary Edition for Windows PCs, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14, 2021. The collection comprises Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, all of which have been improved with graphical enhancements and gameplay tweaks.

Source: XGP

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