Battlefield 2042 Is One of Steam’s Worst-Reviewed Games of All Time, with over 30,000 Negative Reviews

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The next Battlefield game will likely undergo a dramatic transformation in the event that EA executives pay any serious attention to the criticism that the latest installment is receiving on Steam. Just days after its official release, Battlefield 2042 has already earned over 30,000 negative reviews, a particularly alarming number when compared to the amount of positive praise that the shooter managed from more lenient fans (under 10,000). According to Hall of Shame, a site that ranks Steam releases based on their review performance, Battlefield 2042 ranks as Steam’s eighth worst-reviewed title of all time.

Image: Steam

“Performance is terrible,” claims one reviewer. “I’m getting inconsistent fps of 45-55. Especially on the main gamemode of 2042: All-Out-Warfare. Rubberbanding, gpu bottleneck, a lot of issues really. The update that they released helped a lot for many, but not on my end. BF Portal runs better and is a lot more fun.”

“Have you ever wanted to play a battlefield with only 3 viable weapons?,” asks another. “Or how about anti vehicle weapons that only do 10 damage IF they hit? Ever wondered what its like to play a game where its almost pointless if you’re not in a helicopter or jet? How about a battlefield map where its the size of a small country but with only 64v64? If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, well then I’ve got the game for you! Welcome to Battlefield 2042 where deploying your parachute is a dice roll, [and] where there are only 22 WEAPONS […]”

EA and DICE officially released Battlefield 2042 on November 19, 2021, following an early access period. Despite the poor reception on Steam, the shooter has earned extremely favorable scores from the usual gaming publications.

Source: Steam (via Hall of Shame)

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