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Wired has shared a new video with Mark Cerny that provides new insight on the PlayStation 5 and some of the interesting decisions that Sony had to make during the course of its development. Among those is processing power; Cerny reveals that some PlayStation developers were actually trying to get a 16-core CPU into the system but relinquished that idea after Sony clarified that would mean a smaller GPU. The video also reveals that Sony went above and beyond in regard to SSD speeds: developers asked for 1 GB/s read bandwidth, but the gaming giant ultimately delivered storage that was over five times as fast (5.5 GB/s read).

From Wired:

Mark Cerny, Lead System Architect of the PlayStation 5, breaks down all the went into the creation of Sony’s latest video game console. Mark talks about the steps Sony takes when developing a video game console, from early brainstorming sessions to picking out what parts to use in the final product.

The video is arguably easier to digest than Cerny’s original “Road to PS5” presentation, which Sony published a few months ahead of the system’s official hardware reveal in June 2020. Dry presentation aside, it was the first to elaborate on the then-mysterious PS5’s key features, such as its custom I/O unit and SSD expandability.

Source: Wired

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  1. I wish they had put a BIGGER ssd in, not specifically faster. 667gb on my PS5 got eaten up right quick… crikey Black Ops alone is like 300gb +

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