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Nightdive Studios and MachineGames’ enhanced version of id Software’s classic dark gothic shooter, Quake, just got even better.

As detailed in the release notes for the title’s second update, Quake fans can now enjoy an all-new Horde Mode, which comprises a new multiplayer PvE experience that allows up to four players or bots to take on waves of enemies of increasing difficulty. Horde Mode includes four new maps and can be played on all difficulty levels.

Horde Mode details, per Bethesda’s release notes:


  • All new multiplayer PvE experience designed by MachineGames
  • Supports 1 – 4 players or bots in local multiplayer and online modes (Custom matches only)
  • Playable on all difficulty levels
  • Includes 4 new maps specifically designed for Horde Mode


  • Score points by killing enemies
  • Kill multiple enemies in quick succession for bonus points
  • Your progression is reset after the last player dies
  • Every 3rd wave has boss monsters but once you clear it, you get a Silver key to unlock more weapons and items
  • After the 9th wave, you get a gold key to unlock the exit, or you can keep fighting as long as you are able
  • Monsters have a chance of dropping quad damage and the pentagram of protection (powerups last for 5 seconds once picked up and despawn if not picked up after 10 seconds)

Bethesda released its Quake remaster on August 19, 2021, to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary. Free to owners of the original, the enhanced Quake improves upon the 1996 release with visual updates such as 4K resolution, widescreen support, and dynamic lighting.

Source: Bethesda

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  1. Got even better? That’s some hooray optimism right there. I wasn’t convinced it is going to be good in the first place.

  2. Never got into Quake, but I have played a f*ck ton of Q2 and Q3A. That video didn’t impress me. But hey I’m sure there are some Q1 purists out there.

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