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Microsoft has changed the name for the PC tier of its popular game subscription service, Xbox Game Pass, which grants gamers a library of enticing games for a relatively low monthly cost.

As noted in a tweet one of Xbox’s official Twitter accounts, Xbox Game Pass for PC will now simply be referred to as “PC Game Pass.” The decision to change the name was presumably made to avoid potential consumer confusion; the original might have suggested to some that an Xbox was required to use the service.

“I thought this was a joke, but no,” commented one games industry analyst. “It makes sense to lose the Xbox for PC users, but then you still have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate which includes the PC titles and is available to PC users.”

Microsoft has shared a video starring rappers and actors Dave & GaTa to confirm that the new branding. PC Game Pass subscriptions are available for $9.99 per month.

Source: PC Game Pass

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  1. Probably a good call on their part.

    Way too may people (myself included) have “Xbox == a specific game console” ingrained in their brain to the point where even though Microsoft rebranded everything gaming they touch “Xbox”, it still gets confusing. I still have to double take headlines on a regular basis. Wait, do they mean the console, or the gaming brand?

    It would be much better to keep them separated.

  2. [QUOTE=”Zarathustra, post: 45045, member: 203″]
    It would be much better to keep them separated.
    Or actually merge them transparently. It’s ~almost~ there…

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