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A live-action adaptation of one of Capcom’s most popular and endearing characters, Mega Man, is in development at Netflix.

This is according to a biography for Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman that was published on the Supermarch√© site, which notes that the blue bomber is coming to Chernin Entertainment and the world’s biggest streamer courtesy of the directing and writing duo. The movie was actually announced by 20th Century Fox back in 2018 shortly after the release of Mega Man 11, but apparently, it now has a new home.

As written by Supermarché:

Henry, Rel, and their in-house producer Orlee-Rose Strauss maintain an active development slate. Features in the works include: an adaptation of Capcom’s MEGA MAN for Chernin Entertainment and Netflix, which they wrote and are directing; NEMESIS, based on the Mark Millar comic, produced by Jules Daly and Sue Kroll for Warner Bros.; an adaptation of Edward Abbey’s novel THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG, produced by Ed Pressman, which they wrote and are directing; and RUNAWAY, a family adventure comedy based on a true story, screenplay adapted by Brendan O’Brien and produced by Matt Kaplan.

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman’s previous projects include Viral and Nerve. They were also responsible for two Paranormal Activity films, Paranormal Activity 3 and 4.

Source: Supermarché

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    Go the f*ck home, you are waaaaay beyond drunk. You have lost your gawd-d4mn mind.

  2. [QUOTE=”Burticus, post: 45124, member: 297″]
    What’s next? Crash Bandicoot the live action series?
    Oh gawd please stop, don’t give them ideas dude!

  3. Yar, I dunno. You’d think all CGI would make the most sense (the AstroBoy movie a few years ago did this and was decent.)

    I’m thinking they want to ape Sonic the Hedgehogs success with a CGI MegaMan alongside a live action human. Maybe Ryan Reynolds is available!

  4. [QUOTE=”SeymourGore, post: 45128, member: 158″]
    Maybe Ryan Reynolds is available!

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