Valve Reduces Steam Deck OS Size to 10 GB, Making 64 GB Model a Bit More Attractive

Image: Valve

SteamOS, the operating system powering Valve’s upcoming handheld PC, the Steam Deck, will only take up 10 GB of storage space.

This has been confirmed by a changelog shared by a member of the MetaCouncil forums, which notes that Valve has managed to shrink SteamOS from 24 GB to 10 GB. It’s a positive development for prospective owners of the 64 GB eMMC model who would prefer to store more of their favorite games via the Steam Deck’s internal storage rather than SD cards.

SteamOS’ latest changelog, with the relevant portion bolded:

  • Touchscreen should be reliable on every boot now, please us know if you still see issues.
  • Boot sequence cosmetic improvements, should be seamless now.
  • Fix for HDMI out not working after disconnecting once on certain configurations.
  • WiFi performance improvements, please test and let us know if you see lower performance than expected compared to other devices in the same spot.
  • Updated bundled version of Steam for first boot on clean images/OOBE
  • OS and pre-installed software now takes up substantially less of the internal disk space (~10GiB, down from ~24GB). Will only apply on next full reimage.
  • BIOS 100 released for units with Micron memory, and BIOS 29 for units with Samsung memoy. After updating to this version, you will be prompted to install a BIOS update next time you are connected to A/C power.
  • Kernel driver updates for WiFi, Audio GPU, and others.

Valve revealed last month that the Steam Deck had been delayed due to problems with the global supply chain and wouldn’t ship until sometime after Q2 2022. That said, the 64 GB model, which costs $399, is still available for reservation alongside its costlier 256 GB ($529) and 512 GB ($649) siblings.

Source: MetaCouncil

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