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Best Buy has leaked the prices for many of the remaining SKUs that have yet to be released from Intel’s family of 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” processors.

As shown in the table below, all of them comprise non-K (“locked”) and F (no integrated graphics) models. They include the Core i9-12900, a flagship 16-core/24-thread CPU that will retail for $529.99, and the Pentium G6900, an entry-level 2-core/4-thread CPU that will only cost $59.99.

ModelProduct CodeCores/ThreadsPrice (Best Buy)
Core i9-12900BX8071512900 8P+8E/24T $529.99
Core i9-12900FBX8071512900F 8P+8E/24T $509.99
Core i7-12700BX8071512700 8P+4E/20T $359.99
Core i7-12700FBX8071512700F 8P+4E/20T $329.99
Core i5-12600BX8071512600 6P+0E/12T $239.99
Core i5-12500BX8071512500 6P+0E/12T $219.99
Core i5-12400BX8071512400 6P+0E/12T $209.99
Core i5-12400FBX8071512400F 6P+0E/12T $179.99
Core i3-12100BX8071512100 4P+0E/8T $139.99
Core i3-12100FBX8071512100F 4P+0E/8T $109.99
Pentium G7400BX80715G7400 2P+0E/4T $79.99
Pentium G6900BX80715G6900 2P+0E/4T $59.99

Best Buy’s listings have also confirmed that these boxed CPUs will come packaged with newly designed “Laminar” stock coolers. They include the Laminar RM1, a cooler with LED ring that was previously teased, as well as the Laminar RH1, a taller variant that also features lighting effects.

Intel is expected to launch its newest 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” processors on January 5. This happens to be the first official day of next year’s CES show, which will run through Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Source: Best Buy (via momomo_us, VideoCardz)

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