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GOG has decided to mark the imminent end of its Winter Sale with free copies of Iratus: Lord of the Dead, a game developed by Russian studio Unfrozen.

Published by Daedalic Entertainment, Iratus: Lord of the Dead is a rogue-like fantasy RPG that centers around a necromancer who has been freed after a millennia-long imprisonment but retains his power to control skeletons, zombies, and other living dead. The game will be available to claim from GOG until Wednesday, January 5 at 2 p.m. UTC.

“Expand and improve your underground lair,” a game description reads. “Strengthen your servants by researching secret rituals. Explore the twisted corridors and underground catacombs, and battle against lobotomized miners, greedy dwarves and corrupt mercenaries. Aid Iratus in his quest to recapture and eclipse his former power. Lead him to conquer the forces of good and unleash an eternal kingdom of death upon the world!”

GOG’s offer is for the standard version of the game, but users who fall in love with it can step up to the Supporter Bundle or Necromancer Edition, both of which include extra goodies such as an illustrated strategy guide and soundtrack in both FLAC (lossless) and MP3 formats. The Necromancer Edition also adds the Wrath of the Necromancer DLC.

Source: GOG

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