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The official tables for Intel’s 65-watt and 35-watt 12th Gen Core processors have leaked, giving enthusiasts who are on a stricter budget a clearer idea of how much they’ll have to fork over for their next build.

According to the tables that were leaked by VideoCardz, Intel’s 65-watt Alder Lake-S chips start at $489 for the Core i9-12900 and end with the Core i5-12400F, a 6C/12T processor that’s been drawing quite a bit interest for its relatively low cost ($167). A total of 22 new SKUs are listed, including 35-watt Pentium Gold and Celeron models.

Image: Intel
Image: Intel

“The most expensive SKUs from the 65W series is the Core i9-12900(F), which will cost 489 USD/464 USD,” VideoCardz reported. “This will also be the most ‘powerful’ variant with Maximum Turbo Power going up to 202W. On the other side of the 12th Gen Core spectrum, there is Celeron G6900 with 2 cores and a default TDP of 46W. This CPU won’t support Maximum Turbo Power.”

Two slides that allude to the Core i9-12600 and Core i9-12900’s potential performance have also leaked. One suggests that the Core i9-12900 can beat the AMD Ryzen 7 5700G by up to 43 percent in select content creation tasks, while the other suggests that the Core i9-12900 can beat the Ryzen 7 5700G by up to 44 percent in select productivity tasks.

Source: VideoCardz

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