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Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, will be available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers to play on day one.

The news was shared in articles posted on Xbox Wire and the official Ubisoft site today, both of which confirmed that Rainbow Six Extraction would be added to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate when it releases on January 20. Rainbow Six Siege will also be added to PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on that very same date (it’s already available on Xbox Game Pass).

“When it releases on January 20, 2022, Xbox Game Pass members can jump into this intense, thrilling, and unpredictable PvE co-op experience alone or in squads of up to three players to take on dynamic incursions,” Xbox explained. “Rainbow Six Extraction is a tactical co-op FPS that brings a whole new squad-based PvE experience to the millions of players in the Rainbow Six universe and beyond.”

Rainbow Six Extraction deviates greatly from previous titles by pitting players against aliens rather than terrorists. The game was originally titled Rainbow Six Quarantine, but it received a name change due to the real-life pandemic.

Sources: Xbox Wire, Ubisoft

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