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Bad news for Intel fans looking to buy its upcoming Arc graphics cards: the Q1 2022 release date has been removed from its sites. Only the year is listed now.

Image: Intel

Intel said these would launch in Q1 2022 in a video for The Game Awards back in December. In recent years, it has become common for fabs to fall behind in production due to reasons such as supply shortages. With AMD, NVIDIA, and now Intel, production is at max capacity for new graphics cards.

Another possibility is that OEMs will be prioritized in Q1; a recently leaked document mentioned as many as 50 SKUs. Intel has strong relationships with its OEM partners; previously, the Iris Xe-based “DG1” was spotted in prebuilt gaming PCs from CyberPowerPC.

Or, the release could be getting pushed back to coincide with its VISion event scheduled for May 10. A May launch would coincide with the recently announced Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which releases in spring 2022 with XeSS support.

Source: Intel (1, 2) (via VideoCardz)

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