Report: Knights of the Old Republic Remake to Feature Combat Inspired by God of War, Nioh 2

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Aspyr Media’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake for PC and PlayStation 5 could play a lot differently than BioWare’s critically acclaimed original.

That’s according to MrMattyPlays, who took part in a new episode of the Defining Duke podcast and shared some information regarding the remake’s combat system. According to MrMattyPlays, the new KOTOR will feature a combat system inspired by God of War and Nioh 2, which implies that the game might be ditching the turn-based combat of the original. That said, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – Remake is also believed to offer different gameplay modes, according to job listings that have been posted.

“[…] something kind of like Dragon Age: Inquisition, maybe, or Final Fantasy VII Remake, like that active battle where you can pause it in real-time and make certain moves with your party members,” MrMattyPlays speculated before dropping the names of two blockbuster games that his sources had given him.

“[What I] was told is that the combat was inspired (just inspired, doesn’t mean it’s gonna replicate it) by God of War and Nioh 2, which doesn’t really fit either of the molds of multiple gameplay modes. I would say like Nioh 2, you have multiple stances, which would change how you play, uh, but that was what was told to me.”

MrMattyPlays goes to claim that Aspyr Media’s KOTOR remake will be very faithful to the original in terms of story, with character interactions and such remaining the same. The original soundtrack by Jeremy Soule is also supposedly being re-recorded.

Source: Last Stand Media

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