Smart Guns Are Coming to the U.S. This Year

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Smart guns with special technology that only allows them to be fired by select and verified users are coming to the U.S. this year.

According to a report from Reuters, Idaho’s LodeStar Works and SmartGunz, another company in Kansas, will be the first to offer these high-tech weapons in the States. Both of them expect to begin selling their first smart guns later this year.

“LodeStar integrated both a fingerprint reader and a near-field communication chip activated by a phone app, plus a PIN pad,” Reuters reported. “The gun can be authorized for more than one user.”

“The fingerprint reader unlocks the gun in microseconds, but since it may not work when wet or in other adverse conditions, the PIN pad is there as a backup. LodeStar did not demonstrate the near-field communication signal, but it would act as a secondary backup, enabling the gun as quickly as users can open the app on their phones.”

Smart guns have been featured in popular films such as 2012’s 007 film, Skyfall. Q gave Bond a special Walther PPK/S fitted with a microdermal sensor that allowed nobody else but the secret agent to fire it.

Source: Reuters

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