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ElAnalistaDeBits has shared a new graphics comparison video of God of War for gamers who are still on the fence as to whether they should upgrade to Santa Monica Studio and Jetpack Interactive’s new PC port of the blockbuster game.

The answer to that seems to be a solid “yes,” as the PC version of the game appears to look substantially better than its PlayStation counterparts in areas that include texture quality and shadow detail, according to side-by-side comparisons shown in the video that showcase how the game looks under different quality settings and platforms. ElAnalistaDeBits’s video also demonstrates how God of War looks with DLSS enabled, which is said to produce a better result than AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution alternative.

Some key points derived from the video, per ElAnalistaDeBits:

  • With DLSS or FSR we can improve performance on PC up to 35fps. However, DLSS offers higher image quality than FSR when reconstructing the image from the same resolution.
  • Shading is the setting in which this new version of PC stands out the most. Not only does it increase the resolution noticeably, it also adds some extra shadows that aren’t on consoles. On PC, we can select a setting called “Original”. These settings emulate the console configuration, although the draw distance and some textures are higher with this configuration on PC.
  • Reflections and some textures have increased resolution.
  • In general, some configurations, such as geometry, do not have a great visual or performance impact.
  • Reflex together with G-Sync/Freesync technology considerably increases response time compared to the console version.

ElAnalistaDeBits suggests that God of War is the best PC port of a PlayStation game yet, a compliment that’s been echoed by other outlets such as Digital Foundry, which described it as “sensational” in a new tech review. The action-adventure epic manage to draw over 60,000 concurrent players on Steam today, where the game is being sold for $49.99.

Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

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  1. I have never played one of these, but given all the excitement about how they managed to [I][B]not[/B][/I] cock up the port, I might have to give it a try

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    Mostly good reviews but more than a few say they’ve had minor audio-sync issues. To be fair though, there’s any number of things that can cause that and are directly related to the game itself.

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