Cyberpunk 2077’s Next Patch Could Be Coming Soon

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It’s been four months since CD PROJEKT RED blessed Cyberpunk 2077 players with a patch that included fixes and improvements for its popular sci-fi RPG, but the next one could be coming very soon.

This is according to a build list highlighted by users on the cyberpunkgame subreddit, which shows that Cyberpunk 2077 finally received a new update on Friday, January 14—its first since October 2021. There’s little indication as to whether this will turn out to be the big patch that everyone has been waiting for, but some of the previous build dates have coincided or lined up closely with older patches.


CD PROJEKT RED released an updated roadmap in October that revealed it would not be releasing any new updates, nor any additional DLC, until 2022. A previous roadmap had promised that there would be additional updates and improvements before the end of 2021.

Cyberpunk 2077’s last patch, Patch 1.3, was released on September 14, 2021. The patch offered a handful of visual, UI, gameplay, and quest improvements, as well as a console-specific fix that optimized GPU memory usage in the PlayStation version of the game.

Source: cyberpunkgame

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