Over 49,000 People Played God of War on Its Release Day

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The release of God of War on PC has proven to be a huge success. According to SteamDB, it managed to have over 49,000 people play it in its first 24 hours. Sales numbers have not yet been published, but the game currently has peaked at over 66,000 players since its release on Friday.

It has managed an overwhelmingly positive ranking with positive reviews from roughly 97% of the 10,000+ reviews that have been posted on Steam. The developers should feel also proud, since most have commented on the quality and polish of the port and its improvements over the original console version. A few minor issues have been reported, but overall the game seems to be performing well for most. From players to review sites, the praise just keeps coming.

PC Version Reviews

PCMag: 4 out of 5 stars

God of War establishes a fine foundation for what is inevitably to come. It combines the older games’ spectacle and set pieces with new, RPG-like mechanics, terrific action, and great visuals to create a well-rounded, action-adventure package. The camera may not be ideal, the frame rate could be more consistent, and some enemies could be more interesting, but there is still a lot to love about God of War on PC. Overall, God of War is just as good now as it was back in 2018.

PCGamesN: 9 out of 10 stars

Fortunately, none of these minor issues is enough to distract from the fact that God of War is a lavishly produced game, from its tectonic boss fights to the fastidious attention to detail that enables its seamless storytelling. And for a tale about a grumpy god who spends his time filleting mythical warriors with whirling knives that bear a curious resemblance to the Unreal Engine logo, God of War is refreshingly human.

Windows Central: 5 out of 5 stars

God of War for PC is a truly incredible experience that subverts expectations with a surprisingly deep story, flanked by incredible audiovisual direction and relentlessly satisfying combat. God of War is a landmark experience that absolutely everybody should play.


There is no question that God of War is an exceptional game. But the magic on display with the PC port pushes an already tremendous game to new heights and offers some key features that will help it run well on a variety of modern machines. At this point, if gamers have the means to play God of War they should, and even if it’s a replay of the PC version is still well worth checking out.


God of War on PC is more than just a great visual upgrade for an already stunning game. It’s the best version of one of the best games ever made, perfect for replays and first run-throughs alike.

Source: SteamDB (via TweakTown)

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