Capcom Announces 8 Million Units Shipped of Monster Hunter Rise

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Image: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise may have been outsold by God of War on Steam, but that didn’t stop it from reaching another impressive milestone last week. Capcom has announced that it shipped over 8 million units of the latest title in the popular franchise to be released on PC. The Monster Hunter series has been extremely popular on Nintendo consoles for multiple generations. PC ports such as this one have seen praise from longtime fans and reviewers as well. Capcom has called it a “global phenomenon” whose total sales have exceeded “78 million units shipped as of September 30, 2021.”

Monster Hunter Rise was released for Steam, a PC platform with a broad global user base, on January 13, 2022. Featuring high-resolution 4K support and voice chat functionality for PC, the game provided a fresh hunting experience that garnered praise from players while additionally growing the player base across a wide range of countries and regions. This, combined with sales of the Nintendo Switch version that was released in March 2021, drove global shipments of the game to surpass 8 million units.

Capcom is planning a number of events to continue increasing the player base for the game. A paid DLC called Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is planned for summer 2022. The publisher also announced a new collaboration with Universal Studios Japan in December 2021.

Image: Capcom

We have multiple collab event quests planned for Monster Hunter Rise! Keep watching this page for more information!

The two have worked together since 2010 on multiple projects. From themed amusement rides to exclusive in-game cosmetics comprising weapons and armor sets, there have been numerous events. Further details for the next one have not yet been announced but could soon be forthcoming in light of the latest sales achievement. Capcom has said that it is “firmly committed to satisfying the expectations of all users by leveraging its industry-leading game development capabilities.”

Sources: Capcom (via DSOG), Siliconera

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