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Arctic GmbH has published a warning regarding its MX-5 thermal compound.

According to a press release shared by the Swiss-based manufacturer earlier this week, problems have been identified in certain batches of MX-5 thermal compound that could result in suboptimal performance. While the affected batches have already been removed from the market, users who have already purchased some MX-5 and aren’t sure whether they meet Arctic’s intended quality and durability can contact the company for a free replacement using this form.

“Current findings from our permanent quality assurance tests show that certain batches of our MX-5 thermal compound contain anomalies in consistency and shelf life,” Arctic explained in an article on its official website. “The affected products show an increased separation of oil within the paste, resulting in premature hardening. This can lead to adverse effects and application difficulties.”

“Affected batches have already been identified and recalled from circulation so that no further affected product can enter the market. We regret that this quality defect could not be detected before delivery to distributors and customers, despite constant quality controls and diligent care during production.”

Arctic introduced its MX-5 Thermal Compound in March 2021, the latest in its well-received family of high-performance pastes. Available in sizes of 2 to 50 grams, MX-5 can easily be applied to CPUs due to its low viscosity. It also features improved heat transfer thanks to carbon microparticles that smooth out imperfections on heatsinks and heatspreaders.

Source: Arctic

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  1. I’ve been meaning to buy some MX-5 after I ran outta MX-4 last year, but I’m glad I held off on that. Arctic Silver 5 was my go-to for many years, but in the past few years I’ve been branching out and trying others. Had some good results with MX-4.

  2. My tube of AS -something-or-another is several years old.. maybe decades even. It was a big enough tube to do probably a hundred CPUs; you’d think I bought the Costco value pack.

    Still gets used on all the PCs around here.

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