Hitman 3 Debuts to Mostly Negative Reviews on Steam

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Today marks the day that Steam users can finally enjoy IO Interactive’s complete Hitman trilogy with the release of its third installment, Hitman 3, but the majority of players don’t seem to be very happy with it.

As indicated on its Steam page, Hitman 3 has already prompted a handful of initial reviews that are mostly negative from early players who have aired their grievances regarding the last of the trilogy. The main complaint seems to relate to its cost; Hitman fans on Steam are not happy about how IO Interactive launched the game, the PC version of which has been available on the Epic Games Store for over a year, at a price point of $59.99. A deluxe edition of Hitman 3 is also being sold for $89.99.

“The pricing is super confusing, and beyond insulting to those who waited a year for it to release on steam,” one critic wrote. “There is still instances of saying players need EGS in order to run the game. Also, just as a warning, you will need to register your Hitman 2 progress with an IOI account before you can bring in your progress to Hitman 3.”

Other reviewers have called out IO Interactive for a less-than-spectacular launch, one that included server downtime for maintenance purposes, preventing players from downloading maps for a period of time. Hitman VR, the component that allows players to step into the virtual shoes of Agent 47, is also reportedly affected by bugs and glitches.

“Game Has the same issues as the epic game store version,” reads a review. “And the stuttering is here to so lunch this game at 59€ and 100€ yet you fixed 0 ? Also servers are down good luck on getting the content from the other Hitman Games you own since you can’t even connect to your account !!”

That said, IO Interactive’s Year 2 Patch (3.100) containing numerous improvements and bug fixes should be live now. According to a blog post shared by the developer, players should see improved stability, graphics improvements, and more.

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