Daemon X Machina Is Free on the Epic Games Store

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Image: Marvelous Inc.

Epic Games Store users can grab a free copy of Daemon X Machina for a limited time.

Developed by Marvelous Inc., Daemon X Machina is a post-apocalyptic action game that centers around mechs; players can take control and customize their machines to take on a group of corrupted AIs dubbed the Immortals. The game will be available for free until February 3, 2022, at 11:00 a.m. EST.

“You are an Outer, a new breed of human being that appeared in the aftermath of the Moonfall calamity,” reads a description for the game. “As a mercenary for the Orbital organization, you are on the front line of a desperate war for humanity’s survival against the Immortals—corrupted AIs that have rebelled against their human creators.”

“Piloting a fully customizable mech known as an Arsenal, you must team up with mercenaries like yourself and complete missions to defeat the Immortals once and for all. But be careful—in a war fought by mercenaries, today’s allies can become tomorrow’s enemies.”

Epic Games Store users should also be aware that the storefront’s Lunar New Year Sale has kicked off, bringing steep discounts to many of its titles. The Lunar New Year sale will last until February 10.

Source: Epic Games Store

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