Valve Reduces Cooldown Period of Steam Game Discounts from Six to Four Weeks

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Image: Valve

Valve has introduced a change to one of its policies for Steam that could result in more frequent discounts to the benefit of users who are regularly on the lookout for cheaper games.

As explained in a new blog post aimed at Steam game developers and how they can improve their business, Valve has decided to shorten the cooldown period of discounts on Steam from six weeks to four weeks, allowing publishers to put their games on sale more often. This new reduced discount cycle does not apply to Steam’s major seasonal sales events (Lunar New Year, Summer, Autumn, and Winter sales), however.

“Starting March 28, 2022, we’ll be shortening the required cooldown period between discounts on Steam to four weeks (28 days to be exact) from the previous six week term,” Valve wrote in regard to its new discount policy.

“This means there must now be just 28 days between the end of one discount and the start of the next discount. Moving forward, all discount opportunities will be subject to this same 28-day cooldown period, with the only exceptions being our four major store-wide seasonal sales: Lunar New Year, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.”

Valve has also shared its full promotional calendar for 2022, confirming the dates for some of its biggest sales this year. They include the Summer Sale, which will take place from June 23 to July 7.

Source: Steam

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