PS5 Sales Have Already Surpassed 17 Million, Beating Nintendo Wii U’s Lifetime Numbers in Just a Year

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Image: Sony

Sony has released its earnings report for Q3 FY2021, and it includes some admirable numbers for its next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. According to the report, the PS5 has already managed to sell over 17 million units, which is pretty remarkable for a console that’s only been out for a little over a year. What’s equally intriguing is that the PS5 has already sold more in a single year than the Wii U, Nintendo’s previous-gen console that only reached 13.56 million sales in its lifetime.

Image: Sony

PS5 Outsold Wii U’s Lifetime Numbers in a Year (IGN):

  • Sony revealed that over 17.3 million PS5s were sold as of December 31. 2021. The Wii U reached just 13.56 million sales in its lifetime.
  • The PS5 had a stellar year financially, outselling the PS4 in its first fiscal year, breaking the Nintendo Switch’s 33-month streak at the top of US hardware sales, and being the fastest-selling console in U.S. history in both unit and dollar sales.
  • The PS5 still has a ways to go before it enters the best-selling consoles of all time list, of course. The PS4 has sold 116.9 million units (which will continue to rise) […]

Despite the obvious demand for its next-generation console, Sony has lowered its forecast for PS5 sales due to the ongoing chip shortage, which executives believe could extend into the coming year. The company’s game revenues also slipped considerably versus the previous year, although it’s unclear how much of that can be blamed on the supply issue.

Sony forecasts lower PS5 sales due to chip shortages again (VentureVeat):

  • In the quarter December 31, Sony reported revenues of $7.09 billion for its game and networking services division, down from $7.703 billion a year ago.
  • Sony Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki said in an analyst call that the market demand for PS5 is very high, but he said that partners supplying components are strapped because of various chip shortages. He said he expects to see continued component shortages in the coming year.
  • For the fourth fiscal quarter ending March 31, Sony lowered its revenue estimate for games by 6% due to the shortages and an expected decrease in PS5 hardware sales.
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