Star Citizen Scales Back Roadmap to Reduce Player Disappointment

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Image: Cloud Imperium Games

Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) has announced that it will be scaling back its Progress Tracker for Star Citizen following increasing complaints from players who have been angry over dropped or delayed features, having assumed that everything on the public roadmap was a “promise” by the developer—even those that had been labeled “tentative.” Calling it a “mistake” and something that has fueled “distraction” for the company, CIG has updated Star Citizen’s Progress Tracker so it no longer displays tentative features but strictly content that CIG has committed to implementing into its long-gestating project. Some fans are shocked by CIG’s attitude, as the developer has already earned over $400 million from players through crowdfunding but still isn’t sure when Star Citizen might be completed.

Image: RSI

Roadmap Roundup, Notable Changes for February 2nd, 2022 (RSI)

  • It has become abundantly clear to us that despite our best efforts to communicate the fluidity of development, and how features marked as Tentative should sincerely not be relied upon, the general focus of many of our most passionate players has continued to lead them to interpret anything on the Release View as a promise.
  • […] there still remains a very loud contingent of Roadmap watchers who see projections as promises. And their continued noise every time we shift deliverables has become a distraction both internally at CIG and within our community, as well as to prospective Star Citizen fans watching from the sidelines at our Open Development communications.
  • Rather than continuing to display release projections that carry a high percentage chance of moving (those multiple quarters out), we will no longer show any deliverables in the Release View for any patches beyond the immediate one in the next quarter.
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