Google Attempts to Salvage Stadia with “Google Stream” Rebrand, Marketing Streaming Tech to Bungie, Capcom, and More

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Google Stadia has basically turned out to be a failure, but the company is attempting to salvage the platform by rebranding it under a new name and selling its underlying streaming technology to some of the world’s biggest companies, according to a report from Business Insider. The outlet’s sources say that Stadia is now being marketed to partners under the name “Google Stream,” which happens to be Stadia’s original code name, and that Google has already tried selling it to companies such as Bungie and Capcom, both of which are evidently interested in setting up their own streaming platforms. Google has already closed a deal with AT&T, which is using Stadia technology to stream Batman: Arkham Knight via web browser.

EXCLUSIVE: Google is trying to salvage its failing Stadia game service with a new focus on striking deals with Peloton, Bungie, and others under the brand ‘Google Stream’ (Business Insider)

  • The Stadia consumer platform […] has been deprioritized within Google, insiders said, with a reduced interest in negotiating blockbuster third-party titles. The focus of leadership is now on securing business deals for Stream, people involved in those conversations said.
  • Google last year […] pitched its technology to Bungie, the developer behind the “Destiny” franchise, which was exploring a streaming platform of its own, according to three people familiar with the discussions. Under the proposal, Bungie would own the content and control the front-end experience, but Google would power the technology that beamed the games to users’ screens.
  • The company has discussed a similar deal with Capcom, the publisher of the popular “Resident Evil” franchise, in which Capcom would run demos for new titles on its website powered by Google’s tech, insiders said.
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