Uncharted PS5 Remasters Seemingly Missing Shadows, Reflections, and Other Effects from PS4 Versions

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Image: Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog’s remastered collection of Uncharted titles for PS5, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, has garnered critical acclaim from reviewers thus far for improvements such as new graphics modes (e.g., “performance” for a smooth 60 FPS experience), but the remasters are far from perfect. This is according to an extensive collection of comparison screenshots shared by NeoGAF’s Vick, which show that the remastered versions of Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy are missing quite a number of effects that were present in the original PS4 versions, including shadows, reflections, and more. Some screenshots even show glitches that were not present in the original games.

Not even Naughty Dog can Remaster their own games (NeoGAF)

  • […] i find [it] fascinating how nobody spotted the huge number of little downgrades the games got in the Legacy of Thieves release, in conjunction with its improvements (which are many more Comparisons online were able to find).
  • […] even if most of the game the game looks virtually identical/improved compared to its original Release, every kind of downgrade is featured here; from missing VFX, missing shadows, missing reflections, worse effects at times such as AO and some shaders, simplified and toned down bounce lighting from the dynamic GI (via Software RT), visual glitches and so on.
  • I spent these last few days comparing the whole game, and was able to grab a total of almost 800 screenshots (half from the OG, half from the Remaster) showcasing these kind of issues.
  • […] here [are] some examples of missing VFX (PS4 Top, PS5 Bottom […]):

Differences in lightning:

Missing particle effects:

Missing light sources:

Downgraded hair (missing layer between skin and hair):

Missing reflections:

Visual glitches (lamp):

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