Steam Deck Users Are Surprised at How Big the Handheld Is

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Image: Valve

The first Steam Deck units have begun going out to lucky members of the media, and one detail that some recipients have begun pointing out is the portable PC’s size. While the actual dimensions of the system have been published by Valve on the Steam Deck’s official website for everyone to see, users such as Cary Golomb (ThePhawx), a YouTuber, have expressed their surprise at how big the handheld looks in person. Golomb demonstrated this with a series of shots he shared on Twitter that show the Steam Deck dwarfing the size of other classic portables such as Sony’s PS Vita and the Sega Game Gear.

Blog: The Steam Deck is bigger than I could have possibly imagined (VGC)

  • Take the PlayStation Vita, for example. At launch it was considered a reasonably hefty handheld, but sit it next to the Steam Deck and it looks more like a tiny keyring Vita toy from a Japanese gacha machine.
  • Even the Atari Lynx, famously mocked for being so big you could probably build a house with a bunch of them, doesn’t quite manage to match the dimensions of the Steam Deck.
  • Or when you see it next to a Sega Game Gear – which in the past many joked could be used as a weapon to send someone to hospital – and realise the Steam Deck could send them to the morgue instead.

Tech Specs (Steam Deck)

  • Size: 298 mm x 117 mm x 49 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 669 grams
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