BioShock 4 Developer Reportedly Loses about 40 Employees

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Image: 2K Games

BioShock 4 developer Cloud Chamber Games is rumored to have lost roughly 40 employees, triggering speculation about the potential release date of the game. The rumor comes from Oops Leaks, who previously leaked a working title and other details about the game. This time around, they say there are development issues for the highly anticipated game amid staffing changes and other concerns.

Apparently, various staff has either left the company by their own choice or been fired. Project leads are also said to be among the employees who have left. The leaker has called this a slight restructuring and that new staff are already being hired. It was additionally stated that 2K is not pleased with the current state of the game or the pace at which it has been developing.

As of yet, the game has not been officially announced, but according to the leak, a recent financial report from Take-Two Interactive shows a release date of 2024. It had previously been reported that an official announcement could be forthcoming in Q1 2022.

In other news regarding the new installment, it has also come to light that series creator Kevin Levine has stated that he is not involved with BioShock 4 in any way.

“I know as much about the game as anyone else essentially. I’ll play it as a player when it comes out, but right now I’ve not been involved in it at all so I don’t know anything about it.”

It is hoped that the publisher will soon release an official statement to quell the growing amount of rumors regarding the project.

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