Amazon Studios Hires dj2 Entertainment to Develop Video Game Adaptations for Prime Video

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Amazon Studios has hired Dmitri M. Johnson’s dj2 Entertainment to work on developing video games into content for Prime Video. The production company is best known for its work on Sonic the Hedgehog and is said to have also worked on its sequel as well. The deal is one of many for dj2 Entertainment, which is quickly becoming the go-to provider for video game adaptations.

“The dj2 team has long believed that video games would one day serve as incredible source material for stories told in television and film and that it was only the lack of love and respect for the art form which previously held successful adaptations back,” said Johnson. 

Recently, Hazelight Studios also hired dj2 Entertainment to develop its award-winning game, It Takes Two, into film and TV.

“dj2 is honored to partner with Josef, Oskar, and the incredible team at Hazelight Studios on the linear media adaptation of It Takes Two,” Johnson said. “Just like the rest of the gaming world, we fell head-over-heels in love with Cody, May, Rose, Dr. Hakim, and the imaginative fantasy universe Hazelight have created, and can’t wait to bring these characters -and this world- to life on the big and small screen.”

“Moreover, it is truly an honor to have Prime Video as our platform partner. A partner who truly supports us, as well as our grand ambitions, for telling the best international gaming stories with no limitations in how high we may collectively aim.”

Nick Pepper (Amazon Studios head of studio creative content) reciprocated the sentiment with his own statement.

“I cannot express enough just how excited we are to be working with the powerhouse team at dj2 Entertainment,” said Pepper. “Their expertise and skill in the gaming-to-screen market is unparalleled.”

“The possibilities are endless for what we can create together for our global audiences,” he added.

The production company is hoping to adapt Life Is Strange and Disco Elysium, which could be the first games to emerge from this deal with Amazon.

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