John Romero Is Selling a New DOOM II Level to Support Ukraine

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Image: John Romero

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in something unexpected: a brand-new level for DOOM II, id Software’s iconic 1994 shooter. Created by one of the game’s original designers, John Romero, One Humanity is a new level whose proceeds will go toward the people of Ukraine and the efforts of the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund. The .WAD costs €5 and should, at the very least, be more enjoyable than Daikatana.

DOWNLOAD: One Humanity – DOOM 2 Level (The Romero Shop)

  • 100% of the proceeds go toward this support.
  • One Humanity is Romero’s first DOOM II level since the release of the original in 1994.
  • The .WAD contains a readme text file as well as the external mod data.
  • Players must have an original copy of DOOM II and a modern source port to play One Humanity.
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