Newegg Shuffle Will Return

Image: Newegg

The Newegg Shuffle has been an arguably decent way for enthusiasts to get their hands on one of those graphics cards they’ve been salivating over, but being that there hasn’t been a shuffle since February 22, is that avenue for escaping the equally ludicrous prices set by third-party sellers and scalpers over? Not quite, according to Tom’s Hardware, who reached out to the retailer and was told that Newegg Shuffle would return “at some point.” The retailer didn’t elaborate on why the shuffle underwent a hiatus, but maybe it has to do with the company’s recent controversy over selling faulty open-box items, or, more positively, increasing GPU stock due to declining demand from miners.

Image: Newegg

Newegg Says Curiously Dormant Shuffle Will Return (Tom’s Hardware)

  • [February 22] is just one week after Newegg’s lingering customer service issues were unearthed, after which the company updated its hassle-free return policy to cover all open-box product categories sold by the company.
  • While Newegg bills it as a more democratic way of getting hot-selling items into customers’ hands, many customers and commenters have lamented the fact that the Shuffle is often filled with unappetizing bundle offers (adding in superfluous things like monitors, motherboards or SSDs).
  • We reached out to Newegg for comment and were told that the Shuffle will return at some point.

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