Cana One Beverage Printer Can Make Thousands of Drinks

Image: Cana

A silicon startup company has announced the world’s first molecular beverage printer. The Cana One beverage printer is capable of making anything from iced coffee or tea to hard seltzer or a cocktail. It will even let you customize your drinks to personal tastes. Choices include things such as how many grams of sugar, adding vitamins to the mix, the amount of caffeine or alcohol, and even the flavor intensity. All of these can be configured from a touchpad interface.

Thousands of Beverages

Cana One serves an infinite variety of drinks, including cold brew coffee, tea, soda, juice, hard seltzers, and specialty cocktails.

Cana updates its beverage catalog with new brands from partners and creators from around the world.

Image: Cana

The device works with a multi-cartridge system. Each cartridge is expected to last a month and is auto shipped to customers, while the used ones are recycled by the manufacturer. The patent-pending flavor cartridge contains 84 essential flavor ingredients, which are mixed with water, sugar, CO2, and alcohol as needed per recipe.

The manufacturer also states that there is an ecological advantage in using the Cana One over purchasing packaged drinks, since the majority of packing is no longer a factor.

“The technology that allowed us to create the bottled beverage industry 150 years ago has gotten smaller, faster, better, and cheaper and now we’ve put it in your kitchen,” says Dave Friedberg (founder and CEO of The Production Board). TPB is the founder of Cana.

Image: Cana

The Cana One charges per drink, depending on the mixture and drink chosen, while the cartridges themselves are free. Drinks are listed on the interface, and their creators receive a cut of each purchase. Prices can range from 25¢ up to around $2.00, and each drink takes around 30 seconds to make. Cana is hoping to get that time down closer to 15 seconds, and, presently, the Cana One is limited to “clear drinks.” Features like pulp, opacity, and levels of viscosity are hoped for future versions of the device.

Preorders are now available for $499 with a refundable $99 down payment. This offer is limited to the first 10,000 orders, and after that, the price will be $799. The Cana One is expected to ship in 2023.

Source: Cana (via Engadget)

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