Gran Turismo 7’s Latest Patch Makes It Even Harder to Earn Cars, Payout of Several Races Reduced

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What’s the best way to win back fans after botching the release of your racing game with pricey “micro” transactions? Release a patch that makes it even harder for players to earn vehicles just by playing the game, of course. Sony and Polyphony Digital have oddly decided to do exactly that for Gran Turismo 7, according to new reports that claim the racer’s latest patch (1.07) has reduced the payout of several races. To be fair, some of these tracks reportedly had bugs that allowed players to farm a higher amount of credits than the developers had intended, but it’s still a funny way of addressing the microtransaction controversy.

The races that have been altered with new payouts, per Discord user ddm (new payouts in bold):

  • World Touring Car 800: 24 heures du Mans Racing Circuit: 5,000 Cr – 70,000 Cr
  • World Touring Car 800: Monza Circuit: 5,000 Cr – 70,000 Cr
  • World Rally Challenge: Alsace Village: 50,000 Cr – 30,000 Cr
  • Dirt Champions: Fisherman’s Ranch: 65,000 Cr – 30,000 Cr
  • Dirt Champions: Sardegna Windmills: 65,000 Cr – 40,000 Cr
  • Dirt Champions: Colorado Springs Lake: 65,000 Cr – 40,000 Cr
  • GT Cup Gr. 4: High-Speed Ring: 65,000 Cr – 35,000 Cr
  • GT Cup Gr. 4: Brands Hatch GP Circuit: 65,000 Cr – 45,000 Cr
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Spa Francorchamps: 75,000 Cr – 50,000 Cr
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Suzuka Circuit: 75,000 Cr – 50,000 Cr
  • GT Cup Gr. 3: Autodrome Lago Maggiore: 75,000 Cr – 50,000 Cr
  • Clubman Cup Plus: High Speed Ring: 35,000 Cr – 25,000 Cr
  • Clubman Cup Plus: Tsukuba Circuit: 35,000 Cr – 25,000 Cr
  • Clubman Cup Plus: Goodwood: 35,000 Cr – 12,000 Cr
  • American Clubman Cup 700: Special Stage Route X: 30,000 Cr – 15,000 Cr
  • American FR Challenge 550: Blue Moon Bay Speedway : 15,000 Cr – 10,000 Cr
  • American FR Challenge 550: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca: 15,000 Cr – 10,000 Cr
  • American FR Challenge 550: Willow Springs Raceway: 15,000 Cr – 10,000 Cr

Following microtransaction criticism, Gran Turismo 7’s latest patch makes it harder to earn cars (VGC)

  • While many racing games feature microtransactions, some of the more high-end cars in GT7 are so expensive that they require a significant amount of gameplay to obtain enough credits to buy them via normal means (with some cars potentially taking dozens of hours of racing).
  • On top of this, unlike in previous games in the series, players are unable to sell their cars to earn credits. Once a player has finished the game’s campaign, the main goal is to collect the Legend Cars, the most expensive cars in the game. Simply playing the game’s races over and over is the only in-game option to earn these cars.
  • As a result of this, some members of the community came up with a list of tracks that could be exploited for easy credits. This list appears to be the main target of the game’s latest patch.

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