Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members Can Watch Halo Free with Paramount+ 30-Day Trial

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Image: Microsoft

It is only a few days until the Halo TV series begins streaming on Paramount+. Kiki Wolfkill (Head of Halo Transmedia at 343 Industries) says that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can watch Halo free for 30 days. Members can begin a 30-day trial of Paramount+ by using Perks beginning on March 23, one day before the series premiere.

For our biggest fans on Xbox, we are also thrilled to announce that they can watch the series starting day one – Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to stream “Halo” through an exclusive offer of Paramount+ for 30 days free via Perks, available to claim starting on March 23.

The launch of the TV series is fast approaching, and we can’t wait for you all to take the journey with us when it begins, streaming exclusively on Paramount+, starting March 24.

A new story trailer that shows more characters and shots of the Master Chief in action has also been released. Attendees of SXSW were treated to an exclusive viewing of the pilot episode.

Today, as we hold our first screening of “Halo” the television series at the South by Southwest festival, we’re excited to share the newest (and final) trailer for the show – one that provides a glimpse into that personal storytelling side of the Halo series while expressing those central Halo themes of hope, heroism, humanity, and wonder. This is a character drama set against the backdrop of epic stakes and all the action and mystery that comes with Halo. This trailer is titled, “Look Beyond” as we all look beyond where we are today and to the possibilities ahead.

Source: Microsoft (1, 2)

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