Intel Releases Arc Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) Demo at GDC 2022

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Image: Intel

Intel has demoed its Arc Xe Super Sampling solution. It is rendered in 4K using Unreal Engine 4.26 and DX12 on an Intel Arc Alchemist GPU. It begins with a tour of an indoor environment and transitions to a wintery landscape. The demo shows how it can preserve textures while performing GPU-intensive tasks such as environmental effects. The demo was presented at GDC 2022 and is titled “Outpost.”

The best way to show the effect #XeSS has on visuals is, well, through the visuals! Watch this demo from Rens featuring 4K XeSS to see the amount of fidelity that’s within artists’ grasps.

This demo is running on an Intel Arc GPU (Codename Alchemist) at 4K resolution and is built using Unreal Engine with DX12 enabled.

This video is an excerpt from our GDC 2022 session: Intel Xe Super Sampling (XeSS)—an AI-based Upscaling for Real-Time Rendering.

Models with 4K and 8K textures and photogrammetry compiled from 50-megapixel photos are shown. With XeSS, the demo can utilize global illumination effects, spot lighting, and other GPU-intensive tasks while upscaling to 4K.

The full GDC 2022 presentation can be watched here.

Source: Intel

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