Intel Unveils Limited Edition Arc A-Series Desktop Graphics Card, Coming This Summer

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Image: Intel

Intel has finally given us a look at what its reference GPUs for desktop systems might look like in the form of the Arc A-Series Limited Edition, a graphics card that will be available beginning this summer in what will likely be extremely limited quantities.

How will Intel fans be able to get one? How many of these graphics cards will be available? Intel hasn’t cared enough to provide those details yet, but the flashy video can confirm some key design elements, such as a dual-fan cooling system and the inclusion of 3x DisplayPort and 1x HDMI connectors.

Strangely, the Arc A-Series Limited Edition render in the video doesn’t include any sort of power connector, but the real version will presumably have one, being that GPUs traditionally need, well, power. Users can also expect a sexy-looking shroud in black with silver edging, including what appears to be a light-up Intel Arc logo.

Here’s our first look at Intel’s Arc A-Series desktop GPU, coming this summer (PC Gamer)

The exact specifications for Intel’s discrete Arc GPUs have not yet been released, but it appears as though it’s aiming for mid- to high-end performance from early rumours. Perhaps up to RTX 3070/Ti or RX 6700 XT-grade. We do know that they will come with many of the optimisations and features announced with Intel’s mobile Arc GPUs, as they both share the same Xe-HPG architecture.

That includes support for XeSS, Intel’s own upscaling algorithm, and DX12 Ultimate. Also that the GPU will be comprised of the company’s new Xe-core, with XMX AI acceleration and a new media engine.

Rumours suggest that the summer release date really means sometime from May to June, though that’s not necessarily safe from last-minute tweaks. Probably hence why Intel has been a bit loose with its release window here. Getting into the graphics game is hard, huh.

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