Capcom Raising Base Salaries of All Employees by 30% in Japan

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Are you a talented game developer who’s spent years delivering hits for your studio but have been stuck with the same, boring salary? You may want to look into getting a job with Capcom, then, as the company appears to be one of the few that isn’t afraid of awarding its employees appropriately.

The publisher behind Street Fighter and Resident Evil has announced that it is raising the base salary of all of its workers in Japan by a delectable 30%. Capcom is also implementing a new bonus scheme, one that will reward employees with additional payouts if a game meets or surpasses their profit goals.

These initiatives will take effect beginning today, April 1, which marks the start of the new fiscal year. This is all part of a reorganization to the company’s human resources operations, one that was triggered to promote strategic investment in its personnel and to bolster corporate value.

Capcom Promotes Strategic Investment in Personnel to Bolster Sustainable Corporate Value (Capcom)

1) Reorganizing of Human Resources Operations and Establishment of Chief Human Resources Officer

In order to sustainably strengthen its development and technological capabilities to create the world’s finest, high-quality games, Capcom will reorganize its Human Resources around four departmental operations.

Specifically, Capcom will build a structure that facilitates communication between management and employees through the lateral coordination of (1) the R&D Human Resources Department, which will handle personnel matters for the Development Divisions, (2) the Health and Productivity Management Department, which will specialize in activities such as workplace environment improvements and strengthening communication with employees, (3) the People Strategy Team of the Corporate Planning Department, and (4) the Human Resources Department, all of which will work under the direction of the newly established Chief Human Resources Officer (CHO). With this structure, Capcom will work to bolster productivity by further providing a comfortable workplace environment for employees and driving forward its personnel acquisition and training activities.

2) Revision of Compensation System

Beginning with the 2022 fiscal year, Capcom will partially revise its compensation system. This will consist of an average base salary increase of 30% (includes the portion for pay raises) and the introduction of a bonus system more closely linked to the company’s business performance.

Further, Capcom will continue to enhance its employee performance review and training systems going forward.

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