Microsoft Edge Now Second Most Popular Desktop Browser: Statcounter

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Make the switch to Microsoft Edge recently? You are certainly not the only one, as the latest stats from Statcounter indicate that the Chromium-based successor to Internet Explorer now has a desktop market share of 9.65%, making it the second most popular browser among non-mobile/tablet users.

Chrome is still king with a market share of over 67%, while Safari and Firefox now trail Microsoft Edge at 9.57% and 7.57%, respectively, with Opera capturing only 2.83% of the desktop audience. Mozilla seems to be bleeding users at a somewhat alarming rate, as Firefox’s market share was sitting at nearly 9.5% just a month ago.

Desktop Browser Market Share Worldwide – March 2022:

  • Google Chrome: 67.29%
  • Microsoft Edge: 9.65%
  • Apple Safari: 9.56%
  • Mozilla Firefox: 7.57%
  • Opera: 2.81%

With all platforms considered, Edge still manages to rank pretty high with an overall market share of just over 4%. That puts it in third place behind Chrome (64.53%) and Safari (18.84%) but ahead of Firefox (3.4%), Samsung Internet (2.82%), and Opera (2.22%).

Browser Market Share Worldwide – March 2022:

  • Google Chrome: 64.53% (+1.75)
  • Apple Safari: 18.84% (-0.46)
  • Microsoft Edge: 4.05% (-0.01)
  • Mozilla Firefox: 3.4% (-0.81)
  • Samsung Internet: 2.82% (+0.05)

Statcounter: Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular desktop browser (Neowin)

According to Statcounter, Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular desktop browser. In March 2022, Edge managed to overtake Apple’s Safari and hit second place with a 9.65% market share (+0.05). Safari is third with 9.56% (-0.21%), and the almighty Chrome remains first with 67.29% (+2.4%).

Things are different in the global market that combines mobile and desktop platforms. Google Chrome is still the king with an overwhelming share, and the mobile market grants Safari a comfortable second position, far from Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft is a relatively new player in the mobile browser market, and it has a hard time rivaling Safari and Chrome. Also, Microsoft has no power to force users to switch to Edge on mobile, which is another reason why Android and iOS combined tank Microsoft’s figures in the browser market. Still, Edge demonstrates healthy progress on desktop platforms. Besides, with Microsoft making changing the default browser in Windows 11 less frustrating, you can expect Edge to continue gaining more favor in the eyes of consumers.

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