Hexa-Core CPUs Are Now the Most Popular among Steam Users

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Are you a Steam user who recently upgraded to a six-core processor? You probably played some part in shifting the CPU rankings in Steam’s latest hardware and software survey, then, as hexa-core chips are now the most popular choice among Windows users on Valve’s distribution platform. Users who are gaming with six-core CPUs are now at 34.22%, while quad-core processors fell from 35.01% to 33.74% for the month of March. In third place are octa-core chips, which now sit at 17.72%.

Image: Steam

Hexa-Core CPUs Reign Supreme Among Gamers On Steam (Tom’s Hardware)

The latest data from the Steam Hardware Survey shows that gamers with hexa-core CPUs on this popular platform have outnumbered their quad-core brethren. Additionally, the newest data shows CPUs with six or more physical cores with 34.22% of the user base, with 33.74% of users making do with two fewer physical cores in their PCs.

The speed at which hexa-core processors have captured the top spot has been quite breathtaking. According to the archives, quad-core chips were previously dominant, with 41.61% of the Steam user share.

Elsewhere the data points to the solid performance of octa-core CPUs too, and any CPU with six or more cores has indeed grown well (except for unusual configurations like 11 core CPUs).

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