Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Patch Notes (1.10/1.11) Suggest Shimmering Issues May Never Be Fixed

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Image: Guerrilla GAmes

Are you one of those Horizon Forbidden West players who have been driven mad by the game’s shimmering visuals in Performance mode? Sorry, but that’s something you’ll probably have to live with, according to the patch notes for the game’s latest update, which no longer lists the problem among Guerrilla Games’ list of known issues. Players who noticed the omission have taken this to mean that the developer has ceased all efforts in reducing visual shimmering, a problem that seemingly stems from the lack of proper anti-aliasing on grass and other sorts of vegetation when the game is running in 60 FPS. Many of the complaints have come from players who are playing Horizon Forbidden West on OLED TVs.

Horizon Forbidden West 1.10 & 1.11 Patch Notes (r/horizon)

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