New Mainline Ghost Recon Title Reportedly in Development, Could Release as Early as Next Year

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Not that this should really surprise anyone, but Ubisoft is reportedly developing a new mainline Ghost Recon game, one that’s separate from its Ghost Recon Frontline project and should continue the storyline of its most recent titles, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The news comes from Kotaku’s sources, who have claimed that the new entry is codenamed “OVER” and has been in development for over a year, making it eligible for a potential release as early as 2023. We can only hope that it plays more like Ghost Recon Wildlands and includes basic gameplay features like a GPS, which, for some stupid reason, was omitted from Breakpoint, forcing players to drive somewhat aimlessly around its huge, mountainous map.

Sources: New Ghost Recon In Development As Ubisoft Moves On From Breakpoint NFT Controversy (Kotaku)

The next Ghost Recon, codenamed OVER and originally leaked by Nvidia, has been in development for over a year and could arrive as early as fiscal year 2023, sources tell Kotaku. Instead of teasing that project as part of the series’ 20th anniversary last year, however, Ubisoft revealed development of Ghost Recon Frontline, yet another free-to-play live-service shooter deeply reminiscent of Call of Duty Warzone. Fans were less than enthusiastic, and following negative feedback from an internal playtest earlier this year, Kotaku understands the project to be undergoing a reset, and is unlikely to launch anytime soon.

It’s been an uphill climb for the Ghost Recon series for years now. Breakpoint was panned by fans and failed to meet sales expectations when it released back in 2019, in part due to new loot grind and survival mechanics that diluted the tactical shooter experience many came to the series for. Ubisoft’s Paris studio spent the time since diligently overhauling many of the game’s systems, adding new content, and trying to win back fans.

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