Alphacool Releases NexXxoS HPE-30 and HPE-45 Full Copper Radiators

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Alphacool has released two additions to its NexXxoS line of full copper radiators, the NexXxoS HPE-30 and NexXxoS HPE-45. The HPE series utilizes a new compressed design that allows for more cooling fins in the radiator. This increases the area of direct contact for the coolant and improves the cooling performance over previous models. The NexXxoS HPE-30 is available in sizes from 120 mm to 560 mm, while the NexXxoS HPE-45 tops out at 480 mm. Prices range from €69.98 (~$75.66) to €148.99 (~$161.09).

Technical dataNexXxoS HPE-30NexXxoS HPE-45
Variants120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm, 560mm​120mm, 140mm, 240mm, 280mm, 360mm, 420mm, 480mm​
Material cooling fins, pre-chambers & channelscopper​copper​
Material threadsbrass​brass​
Material outer housingstainless steel​stainless steel​
Threads4x G1/4″ IN/OUT & 1x Fillport G1/4″​4x G1/4″ IN/OUT & 1x Fillport G1/4″​
Possible fan size120mm | 140mm​120mm | 140mm​
Pressure tested0,8 Bar​0,8 Bar​
Max. working temperature60°C​60°C​
Fin density18 FPI​16 FPI​
Table: Alphacool

For more than a decade, Alphacool’s NexXxoS Full Copper radiator series has been one of the most powerful radiators on the market. With their incomparable performance, the radiators can easily dissipate even extremely high waste heat and have become indispensable in many areas of the cooling industry. Nevertheless, with the NexXxos HPE generation, it’s time for the next evolutionary step!

What does HPE mean? Alphacool’s NexXxos HPE radiators use the same materials as previous NexXxos models, but take it a step further technically. The number of water channels and copper fins inside the radiator has been increased. This means that a larger volume of water is in direct contact with the cooling fins and the heat transfer is improved enormously. The higher number of fin rows and their shortening also makes much more efficient use of the cooling surface. Comparison tests* with the conventional NexXxos radiator have shown that a significant performance increase of 4.5K is possible when using the HPE radiator. At higher ambient temperatures and higher fan speeds, the performance gap with the regular NexXxoS radiators even progressively increases, reaching a possible performance increase of up to 6K. Such a performance leap has never been seen in the past!

The NexXxoS HPE Radiator is initially available as HPE-30 and HPE-45 version. The common variants (120/140/240/280/360/420/480/560mm) for 120mm and 140mm fans form a rich offer, in which everyone should find something. The HPE-20 and HPE-60 versions will follow in the near future. Smart and Efficient!

Source: Alphacool (via TechPowerUp)

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