GALAX Offering Price Guarantees for GeForce RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards amid Falling Prices

Image: GALAX

With the prices of graphics cards continually decreasing and creeping closer to MSRP, not to mention next-generation GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA being just around the corner, an increasing number of enthusiasts are opting to save their hard-earned cash to see how low prices can go. What’s a manufacturer that’s trying to reduce the amount of growing stock to do? If you asked GALAX, it’d be a price guarantee—marketing materials spotted by IT Home can confirm that the Chinese manufacturer is doing exactly that, having partnered with local online retailer to entice customers into pulling the trigger on various custom GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards with a promotion that guarantees a refund in the event a purchased GPU ends up falling in price. Gamers, enthusiasts, and other customers who purchase one of the GPUs listed in the ad below can enjoy price protection on their purchases until June 18, 2022.

Translation of the promotional text, per Tom’s Hardware:

  • Galax RTX graphics cards can be bought in a price guarantee promotion event via from April 15 until June 18, 2022.
  • Purchase the designated models during the sale event to enjoy up to two months price guarantee.
  • In the JD app, find the Galax GPU products with one click price protection. Purchase them to enjoy the price guarantee. If there is any difficulty you can contact customer service.
Image: GALAX/

Players and other graphics cards cut prices, manufacturers announced that the price will be guaranteed to 618 (IT Home)

IT House reported on April 14 that at present, the price reduction of graphics cards has been very obvious. The price of high-end graphics cards has been significantly reduced, and many models have been reduced to their original prices. Although the prices of mid- and low-end graphics cards have been reduced, they are still higher than the initial price.

With the price reduction of graphics cards, many players are waiting for the emergence of lower prices, which also makes it more difficult for manufacturers to sell graphics cards. In this regard, GALAXY came up with a countermeasure: the price is guaranteed to 618.

GALAXY announced that during the event, if you purchase a specified model of GALAXY graphics card, you can enjoy a 2-month price guarantee service, from April 15th to June 18th.

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