Saints Row Ultimate Customization Trailer Released, Teasing Nudity Emojis and More

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Image: Volition

Wishing you could run around naked with nothing but an emoji covering your private parts in Volition’s upcoming Saints Row reboot? An ultimate customization trailer released by the developer today can confirm that players should be able to do exactly that when they jump into the game’s character creator at the beginning of their journey, which, as showcased in the 4K video, is chock full of options that range from the usual settings (e.g., hair styles and clothing) to zanier stuff like nudity emojis, elf ears, and metal teeth grills. Saints Row will be out for PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox (Series X|S, One), and PlayStation (PS5, PS4) on August 23.


There are options to add body hair to your boss for the first time, something which was added by our modding community in the past, now its official – break out that whole body rug or make your Boss smooth as a dolphin, fresh out of the waxing salon. Add body scars to create a unique look, with, road rash, slashes and stitches all available, along with tattoos for the head, arms, torso, back, and legs.

Chest and groin size are customizable as they have been in the past, but with a little extra – modesty options allow you to decide whether you want underwear or not, freeing the nipple when you go commando, or to cover up with an array of emotes (we will stress that full frontals are off the table, you’ll just have to use your imagination).

Things start to get even more interesting when you explore the prosthetics options for arms and legs, with blades and shells in an array of colors and materials.

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